14 Days To A Better Paleo Snack Bars Recipe

14 Days To A Better Paleo Snack Bars Recipe

paleo snack bars recipe

Those who turn to a healthier way of living often choose Paleo diet to achieve their health and weight goals. However, planning Paleo meals every day can be quite tricky, especially if you are used to beans or grains as staple foods. Fortunately, paleo snack bars recipes are now available to help you fully enjoy a happy and healthy living. For those looking for unique ways to incorporate kale into their diet, there are ideas for kale recipes Paleo here that will make the entire process a lot easy for you.

Here are your 14 days to a better Paleo snack bars recipe that will suit your taste and budget:

Day 1: Gluten-Free Energy Bars

This new Paleo snack bar recipe is straightforward to make, and the ingredients can easily be bought from your favorite store. It is an excellent Paleo snack bar you can take with you anywhere you go.


–   1 cup dried cranberries

–   I cup almonds

–   1 cup pitted dates

–   ¼ cup mini dark chocolate chips

–   One tablespoon unsweetened coconut flakes

Day 2: Strawberry Nut bars

This sweet, healthy snack bar will provide a tasty breakfast flavor and something you’ll look forward to having especially in the morning. If you need a perfect go-to breakfast in place, you no longer need to think about anything else but Strawberry nut bars.


–    Two one-fourth cups of almond flour

–    ¾ tablespoon baking soda

–    ½ cup honey

–    ¾ tablespoon salt

–    ¾ tablespoon cinnamon

–    ¾ teaspoon vanilla

–    Two chia eggs

–    Three tablespoons dairy free milk

–    ½ cup nut butter or almond butter, slightly melted

Day 3: Pumpkin Spiced Nut and Seed Bars

To make this snack bar recipe completely Paleo, you need to make a few adjustments like using almond butter instead of peanut butter and more seeds instead of oats.


–    1 cup unsalted and raw almonds

–    ½ cup unsalted and raw almonds sunflower seeds

–    ½ cup unsalted and raw almonds pumpkin seeds

–   ¼ cup maple syrup

–    ½ cup rolled oats

–    ½ cup organic peanut butter

–    ¼ cup organic pumpkin puree

–    One tsp. cinnamon

–    ¼ cup unsalted and raw almonds brazil nuts

–    1 Tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice

–    ¼ cup local honey

–    pinch of sea salt to taste

Day 4: Cauliflower Popcorn

Eat this Paleo popcorn warm, and you will surely love this unique, healthy snack. You will want to share this with friends and family. You can also try this popcorn beyond just a snack, like a flavorful dish for dinner.


–    Salt

–    ½ tablespoon dried chives

–    ½ Tsp onion powder

–    ½ head of cauliflower, diced small

–    extra virgin olive oil

Day 5: Sautéed Steaks with Wilted Arugula and Tomato Pan Sauce

If you are hungry for an exquisite paleo steak recipe, this food will surely make your day perfect. When you learn this Paleo steak recipe, you can surely enjoy a fantastic one-skillet steak dish that is ready on the table in just fifteen minutes.

Day 6: Flank Steak with Chimichurri

Marinated in a combination of lime juice, cilantro, garlic and coconut amino’s, you will have an incredible lunch on your fifth day of healthy Paleo diet. They are another Paleo steak recipe that you and your family can enjoy together. They can be informed with a tasty chimichurri sauce.

Day 7: Traditional Beed Fajitas

They another Paleo steak recipe keeps everything simple with the traditional fajita marinade of olive oil, garlic, onion and lime juice.

Day 8: Almond Flaxseed Yogurt Granola Bars

If you think that yogurt is not Paleo, well try this Paleo snack bar recipe with a different level of paleo. For those who are flexible on dairy, this snack bar is right for you.

Day 9: Coconut Butter Protein Bars

To make this recipe Paleo, make sure to find a paleo-friend protein powder. Coconut butter protein bars will never make you hungry.

Day 10: Carrot Zucchini Bars

These bars may not sound too appealing to you, but with sultanas and honey, this makes a savory, healthy snack you can take with you anywhere you go.

Day 11: Avocado Tuna Salad

Avocado tuna salad is simple snack loaded with protein. Just cut an avocado in half, scoop out the middle and mix with good stuff in a bowl. Then, scoop the mixture back into the avocado halves and enjoy.

Day 12: Maca Energy Bars

If you are trying to stay healthy while obtaining the benefits of having balanced hormones and an improved energy, try this Paleo snack bar recipe. You can also add protein, and you will get a recipe for success.

Day 13: Spicy Kale Chips

For a healthier version of popcorn, you will love one of the best kale recipes Paleo. Kale chips are perfect for a vegan and paleo friendly snack, loaded with nutrients. You can also experiment with the ingredients to have Paleo kale superfood salad.

Day 14: Almond and Apple Butter Protein Fudge

Complete your 14 days of healthy and flavorful Paleo snacks and meals with this mouthwatering snack. This fudge is nutritious, and you can share with anyone. It is a perfect snack after or before a workout.