Super Easy Ways to Handle Your Extra Paleo Ice Cream Recipes

Super Easy Ways to Handle Your Extra Paleo Ice Cream Recipes

Most of you crave for a delicious ice cream to comfort you whenever you are stressed or bored. Eating ice cream can be relaxing and refreshing. Aside from its exquisite tastes, there are also Paleo ice creams that offer variety of flavors that you can choose.

Paleo Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors in making a paleo ice cream. Most of it is creamy, rich and delicious. If you wanted to learn how to make it, you would need the below ingredients. Following the proper procedures, you can make a one of a kind chocolate Paleo ice cream.


Aside from its exquisite taste, paleo chocolate ice cream has also benefited for your health. With a proper amount of what you’re eating, you can get calcium and Vitamin B and lovely volumes of vitamins. No doubt that Paleo chocolate ice cream can give health benefits, but you can only achieve it when you take the proper amount of your daily snack.

Side Effects

If you eat the proper amount of paleo chocolate ice cream, then there will be no problem with that. Ensuring the correct way and amount that you are eating is very important especially if the food should be on a controlled level. So, don’t wait for the adverse effects, just consider the proper amount of ice cream that you will eat.


½ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

4 cups of canned coconut milk

Eight egg yolks (large)

1 cup of coconut sugar

Two teaspoons of pure vanilla extract

Paleo Egg Recipes


paleo egg recipes


Paleo lifestyle is one the most popular diet plan that your ancestors enjoyed. That means most what they are eating are fruits, vegetables, eggs, seeds and no to processed foods. Some of these restrictions are very hard to follow at first, but it can also be delicious and healthy. Another fact is to make your body feel better. One of it is the egg Paleo recipes. Some of it is:

Cauliflower hash with Eggs

This cauliflower hashed with eggs is a great choice for a brunch idea to satisfy your weekday. Onions, garlic, and aromatic spices highlight the savory flavors of the dish


–    1 Tbsp. of butter or ghee

–    One red onion that is finely chopped

–     Two garlic clove that is thinly sliced

–    ½ tsp. of smoked paprika

–    One head cauliflower which is cut into small florets

–    ½ cup of chicken stack

–    3 Tbsp. of chopped parsley

–    Eggs that are cooked to your preference

–    Sea salt and black pepper

Egg and vegetable muffin cups

Most of you find it difficult to eat vegetables for breakfast. But with this recipe that is combined with egg, can provide you a classic mix vegetable omelet.


–    Two minced garlic cloves

–    ½ cup of minced yellow onion

–    ½ cup of minced bell pepper

–    ½ cup minced mushroom

–    1 cup of chopped spinach

–    Four whole eggs

–    Four egg whites

–    2 tbsp. of minced fresh chives

–    One diced small tomato

–   Cooking Fat

–    Sea salt and black pepper

–   Tiny muffin pan


Egg omelet in Tamil


–    3 eggs

–   One chopped onion

–    Four green chilies (optional)

–    ¼ cup of coconut grated

–    Salt

–    Oil


Eggs are considered as Paleo because they are very nutritious, easy to prepare and affordable. The egg whites provide a good source of proteins, while egg yolks contain mineral and necessary vitamins. It can also help in reducing weight, reduces inflammation, improves heart health and enhances mental performance. You can also combine other healthy ingredients such as fruits and vegetables to your paleo egg recipes. Combining these can come up with a healthier dish that can help you gain more vitamins, mineral and health benefits.

Side Effects

Too much eating of eggs can reduce your intake of protein that can cause of high cholesterol level. But, if you eat a minimal amount, then the risks for any side effects will not happen.

Paleo recipes for dinner

Paleo diet or ‘caveman diet’ is one of the best eating practices of your ancestors. By eating these, you can avoid processed food that causes health risks. Paleo diet is also very effective for dinner. An example of the Paleo dinner recipe is:

Chicken Zucchini Noodle soup


–    ½ cup of diced red onion

–    Two diced celery ribs

–    1 diced large carrots

–    Two minced garlic cloves

–    One small pinch of red pepper flakes

–    Three teaspoons of fresh thyme

–    Three teaspoons of oregano

–   Four chicken thighs

–    Two bay leaves

–    2 cups water

–    Three medium zucchinis

–    6 cups of chicken broth

Preparing these dishes will not just result in a better taste, but it can also contribute to having a healthy and fit body.